Fly Tying Mondays Resume on November 26th, 2018

We will get another season rolling on Monday November 26th at West River Fly Shop. From 7 pm to 9 pm. members are always welcome.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Tribute to Charlie Smith, ...Designer of the Crazy Charlie Fly and Innovator in Bonefishing

Charlie Smith passed away recently. Most designs in bonefishing/permit flies come from his design of the famous Crazy Charlie fly. The following tribute will tell you a lot about this amazing man!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tying Rabbit Strip Streamers with Rick Miyauchi

Rick Miyauchi is a superb fly tyer. He also has a reputation for loving to tie small flies. One tyer brought some magnifers just in case we were tying tiny flies. Not tonight. It was all about tying rabbit strip streamers. Rick, like several of us, is preparing for a trip to Belize. Rick was tying up some tarpon streamers for the trip, so why not teach our club how to tie a rabbit strip streamer. We were working with only one material tonight but we did have to learn how to use a dubbing loop and how to get rabbit into a dubbing loop. Sounds simple but you do have to hold your jaw just right. I am sure the 16 tyers who came out on another -25C evening got the idea. 

Below, you can find the detailed steps to constructing a rabbit strip streamer. Thanks Rick for showing us this technique that can be applied to many streamer patterns.

There is no fly tying next Monday February 18. That is Family Day!

Doug Pullen is our guest tyer on Monday February 25th. Doug asks you to bring along UTC 70 orange and black thread along with uni-8/0 thread in black and light cahill. I am sure you can bring light yellow UTC 70 instead!

Some announcements!

1. For those of you who want to get Glow Bright Floss, head to Flymart. There are 16 colours there!

2.Willy Spyksma needs help during the Sportsman Show March 8 to 10th. Give Willy a call or text to help him! (403-392-1956). You are at a booth encouraging people/ kids tie a fly and watch a slide show or two! Always a fun time. You can e-mail Willy too at:

 Steps to Tying Up a Rabbit Strip Streamer

 Step #1 

Make a loop with monofilment to help support the rabbit strip! (20 pound mono in the picture)

... or punch a hole in the rabbit strip and run the monofilment through that hole and tie onto hook shank to support the rabbit!


Make a dubbing loop!

Step #3

Use a Magic Tool Clip to capture the rabbit for the dubbing loop or use a big clip from a stationary store!

Step #4

Cut the hide from the rabbit strip and install in the dubbing loop very carefully!

(You could wrap up cross cut rabbit strips along the shank of the hook but where is the challenge in that?)

Step #5

Spin up the rabbit!

Step #6

Wrap the rabbit onto the hook shank and sweep the fibres back as you wrap!

Step #7

Add Eyes