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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Midnight Fire Balanced Leech

I first encountered The Midnight Fire Leech in the Parkland Region of Manitoba. It is an effective cast and retrieve pattern. Over the years, tying them "balanced" and fished close to weed lines became very popular to catch a large foraging brown or rainbow trout. Hareline now makes a Midnight Fire Ice Dub. I like to tone it down a bit by adding black semi seal before I add the dubbing into a dubbing loop then wrap the rope up the hook shank!

Midnight Fire Balanced Leech

Hook: Jig, sizes8-12
Thread: UTC 70, red or black
Bead: 1/8th tungsten, gold on a sequin pin
Tail: Black marabou with Midnight Fire krinkle mirror flash
Body: Midnight Fire Ice Dub with black semi seal

Every once in a while you tangle with a monster!


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Attractors and Deep Water Chironomids with Rick Miyauchi

I have heard my buddy Phil Rowley say on numerous occasions, "Feed the trout what they want!" Well sometimes, attractor chironomids rock! I have talked to John Kent a few times about this. An attractor that stands out in the crowd can make the difference.

At depth, purple coloured chironomids can be very effective. I have successfully used basic purple/violet coloured chironomids with a lot of success. A purple coloured chironomid can get a lot of attention in 15 to 20 feet of water or more.

Thanks for the pictures and details Rick, much appreciated!

The Okey Dokey (courtesy of Bernie Peet) 

Hook: TMC 2457 or similar size #12-16. 

Rib: Silver, Gold, Blue or Light Blue copper wire. First 2-3 wraps should be touching to form a butt section then 6-7 open turns to form segmentation. 

Body: White fluorescent thread. 

Thorax: Fluorescent thread in your choice of colour. Chartreuse, Orange, Pink or Green. 

Simple Deep Water Chironomid. 

Thread: UTC 140 Wine or Maroon. 

Hook: TMC 2457 or similar. Body: Attach thread at thorax then unwind thread so that it lays flat on hook shank. Wrap flattened thread to bend of hook. Once the tail end of chironomid is reached proceed to spin bobbin until flattened thread becomes wound into a rope or round thread. Wrap forward to thorax 6-7 turns. This will provide segmentation for the body. 

Thorax: Unwind thread so that it lays flat. 

Cheeks: silver or holographic silver mylar tinsel. Once cheek material is tied in proceed to build up thorax to desired thickness then fold over cheek material towards head of fly and tie off. Coat body with your choice of sealant. UV resin, Sally Hansen nail polish etc.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

First Day of 2021 on the Water! What a Treat!

A warm day in January. What a bonus! It was also the first fly fishing trip of 2021. Doug Pullan, Colin Allison and I headed to just below the Dickson Dam. We were lucky enough to catch some walleye and a decent number of rocky mountain whitefish. We were comfortably warm as well. Lucky us!