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A box full of flies!

A box full of flies!
...and fly fishers

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two Flies that Work at Jurassic Lake

Dr. Bill Young was our presenter this week. Dr. Bill spent the first half of the evening doing a presentation on his trip to Jurassic Lake. Afterwards we tied two flies. The first was a hybrid of Nano's Leech. Nano Peralta is a guide on Jurassic Lake. Bill constructed several leech patterns based on this pattern. The second fly was a BIG chubby chernobyl. Dr. Bill used this pattern extensively as a hopper dropper set up during his stay at Jurassic Lake Lodge!

Next week Steve Luethi is our guest tyer. Please bring white, orange or tan UTC 140 thread! Steve is a very skilled tyer and you will not want to miss his presentation!

Finally we still have 5 spots available for the Phil Rowley Workshop on February 3rd! Drop me a note to sign up. We have a great location for the workshop too thanks to Garnet Clews! (

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another Amazing Jurassic Lake Adventure with Dr. Bill Young

There is a latin expression, "Carpe diem" that essentially says, "Seize the Day!" Dr. Bill did exactly that. He had the opportunity to travel to and fly fish Lago Strobel, aka Jurrasic Lake for a week thanks to his brother-in-law not being able to go! Well why not, what an opportunity!

After meeting with Rick Myauchi from our club, a overturn of the Jurrasic Lake experience, and doing some research, Dr. Bill had the right rods, lines and flies ready to go. Flies and equipment are not readily available so you better be prepared.

Bill started his journey on American Thanksgiving. That is the time of some very busy travel in the USA but he fortunately was able to get on his way to Buenos Aires and then on onto El Calafate. The plan was to fly from there but they had to drive because of the high winds. Once at Jurrasic Lake Lodge it was game on. The lodge is located quite close to the Barrancoso River where many of the gigantic rainbows were staging for spawning. The rainbows in the river were lots of fun to catch. Many of them gigantic!

Dr. Bill related that size 12 baby damsel was amazing. It was scud like and that is the main food that makes these rainbows gargantuous. A lot of the lake and river fishing was sight fishing. That makes everything so exciting. A size 12 Glen's Leech and a Bruised Balanced Leech worked great out on the lake as did a hopper dropper set up with a big Chubby Chernobyl and a Copper John below. The dry fly fishing was sporadic but Bill did catch some on his big black foam chernobyl.

Wind, yes there is wind and at times it is crazy strong. That will make casting tough and will test your creativity! But the wind is all part of the experience!

Bill's largest rainbow topped out at 17 pounds. That is impressive. Yes, there are rainbows to 30 pounds in this system. Bill had days where he caught 40 of these super sized rainbows. That would definitely be an amazing experience!

At the end of the trip, the twin otter was able to fly in and get the guests back to El Calafate.

Below is a photo essay of his great adventure. Enjoy!

Note: The photos are courtesy of Dr. Bill Young and Llewellyn Claven (from the lodge).

How many gigantic rainbows can you see?

Yep, there is wind alright!

The guides are tracking the rainbows by tagging them.

A baby damsel is a great scud pattern!

Time to head home!

Bauer Rig Homework, ....Several Great Ideas

Hi Everybody!

This is a follow up to last week's tying of Bauer Rigs with Wiggle Tails. Several of the gang dressed their Bauer Riga at home and brought them back to show off. It is interesting to see some of the gang is targeting bull trout, chinook salmon, pike, walleye and lake trout with their cool looking flies! Well dome everybody!