Fly Tying Mondays Resume on December 5th.

We will get another season rolling on Monday December 5th at West Park Middle School starting at 7 pm. We are usually done by 9 pm. members are always welcome.

A box full of flies!

A box full of flies!
...and fly fishers

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Beautiful Brook Trout

Brook trout are beautiful! They are a colourful and they can be found in several spots in Alberta. Steve Luethi and a friend hiked into a high mountain lake to fly fish for these spectacular char! The scenery is fantastic and the brookies make the long walk well worth the effort! Steve takes the time to to shot some great shots of these colourful char! 

Thanks for sharing the images Steve. Much appreciated!

A Beauty of a Bull Trout

It doesn't get much better than tangling with a big bull trout that is well over 30 inches! There is nothing like casting an enormous streamer and coming tight to a dandy trout! Way to go Steve!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Now That Is a Big Bull Trout Steve Luethi

Steve spends a lot of time on the water and is perseverance is rewarded with some amazing catches. Steve loves casting big streamers to entice big bulls to attack his imposter. Another beauty Steve, well done!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Double Dry Day

Spectacular fly fishing days are not to be forgotten. The river was in great shape, water temperature was excellent and the cutthroat were active. Doug Pullen, Karen and I were out in the west country yesterday. The water was gin clear and each run looked like an aquarium. You could see the cutthroat actively feeding. 

The day started off cool, only 2C in places but that made the long morning walk refreshing. Once we settled into fly fishing, we realized that it was going to be a dry fly day. We set up at our first long run and the fish were up in the riffles and also all over the deep trough. It was a perfect day to set up a double dry fly set up. We saw some yellow sally stones and some grey mayflies although we did see some blue winged olives early in the day.

A size 12 or 14 parachute adams and a size 18 yellow sally stone worked great. We also used a black/tan chernobyl and a parachute adams as a set up. Both set ups worked very well with 4x tippet.

Do take the time to take a look at each run to see what is going on. Clear pools and riffles mean it is worth just watching when you get at your next spot! Where are the fish and what are they doing. Working a run from the bottom up is a good strategy as well!

We covered lots of water. Our feet were a bit sore when we got back to the truck but the dusty ride home included three tired happy fly fishers who had an awesome day.

Remember Off Road Vehicles are banned in the western foothills south of the Red Deer River drainage due to tinder dry conditions until we get some badly needed rain.

Have a safe long weekend. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Tight Lines Productions-Chernobyl Ant

A simple yet so effective pattern, easy to tie. Take a look!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Perfect Day Out West

The alarm rings at 5:15 am. It is already light outside as I stumble to the coffee maker after letting Tiki and Pepper outside. My two elkhounds want to have their breakfast at 5:30 am. I load up lunch, drinks and check my fly fishing kit. I'm ready to head out west for the day with my buddy Byron Stearns. Byron and I try to get out together when he is home and on days off from his job in Fort McMurray. The weather forecast looked perfect. Not too hot and a small chance of thunderstorms.

A little more than two hours later we were gearing up in a meadow out on our eastern slopes. It was a brisk 4C, perfect for a long walk. Byron and I walked for close to 90 minutes before we started to fly fish. Once we stepped into the river, we knew it was going to be perfect. The river was clear and in great shape. The water temperature was low and not an issue at all!

Nothing was rising although I got several refusals on my royal renegade fly! Byron caught a dozen cutts nymphing and then switched to hopper-dropper fishing. Well he lost the dropper and he stuck to his black/brown foam hopper. It was a great choice because the cutthroat slammed that fly all day. I decided to fish with mayfly imitations and attractor dry flies. I too had an outstanding day. Yes, the fly fishing was amazing, the weather was perfect and the cutthroat were cooperative all day! The day was a slam dunk that was made even better when a grader smoothed out our gravel road for the trip out.

An interesting side note. Byron's chernobyl pattern performed better than my mayfly imitations. I caught lots but Byron caught a ton. I was using 5x tippet and Byron was using 4x tippet. Again Byron's fly was the clear winner. The cutts wanted the big meal. I was lucky to catch some amazing cutts on long smooth glides with my royal renegade. When you can see a trout slowly rise and leisurely take your offering, it is a snapshot that is easily visualized with a smile.

Lots of walking and getting away from the road can pay dividends. Today was perfect. Byron and I could not have asked for a better day!

...take a look!