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Saturday, November 21, 2009

LeRoy Hyatt in Edmonton

Karen and I spent the day in Edmonton with the Northern Lights Fly Fishing/Trout Unlimited gang taking in a seminar with LeRoy Hyatt. I am sure many of you watch LeRoy on PBS while drinking your morning coffee on Saturday morning. LeRoy lead the group in tying 13 patterns during the day. LeRoy is a big fan of deer hair. LeRoy estimates that he ties 300 dozen goddard caddis each year. LeRoy taught us how to select deer hair for tying collars and spinning/triming deer hair. He gets a lot of orders for deer hair patterns. Other than a foam bettle pattern, you will not find much foam in LeRoy's fly box. The patterns today were quite straight forward but he offered many tips that will certainly make my tying better. LeRoy is lots of fun to listen to. He shared many funny anecdotes through the day. Approximately 40 tyers were certainly entertained and left with many useful ideas. Karen and I enjoyed our day.

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