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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday February 22, 2010

Hi Everybody!

I always have a plan B "in the box" and tonight we used it. Tonight was Don Andersen's night but he was out of commission recovering from surgery. I hope you are back in the shop working on your bamboo rods, Don, in the next few days. We missed your left handed tying and tall tales, Don.

We did have a visit from Bonnie and John Howard tonight. They own Howard's Hackle. John and Bonnie brought an incredible variety of quality hackle for the gang to check out and purchase. John and Bonnie spent the evening with us seeing what we do on Monday nights. John took some time to tell us about the family business that has evolved over several generations. It's neat to hear about a successful business related to our club right in our backyard! Take a visit to Howard's Hackle.

25 tyers spent the evening tying Charlie Craven's "Charlie Boy Hopper" and Guy Turck's famous Turck's Tarantula. Both flies are great floating patterns that can be very productive during both golden stone hatches and hopper season.

Next week Les Kolibaba is our guest tyer. Les is all organized, keen and ready to go! See you then. We only have three tying sessions left.

Oh yes, Happy Birthday Joseph!

Bob and Byron tying (I think the Flames were playing)

Charlie Boy Hopper
(Charlie Craven originator)
see here for the tutorial to tie this pattern:

Hook: 3x dry fly sizes 4 to 10
Body: craft foam
Legs: Silly legs or equivalent
Wing: Deer hair

Turck's Tarantula
tutorial here:

Hook: Tiemco 5262 sizes 2 to 14
Thread: 3/0 or 6/0 tan
Tail: Amherst or golden pheasant tips
Body: Golden stone dubbing or hare's ear
Underwing: Pearl Krystal Flash
Overwing: White Calf Tail
Collar: Deer hair tips
Legs: Medium rubber or silly legs
Head: Spun and trimmed deer hair

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