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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday January 24th, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Bernie Peet was our guest fly tyer tonight. 22 fly tyers were taught 4 highly effective British fly patterns. Bernie is a very precise tyer. He likes to ensure that each pattern has the proper proportions. That certainly helps to make his patterns great imitations that trout find hard to refuse. Bernie did forget his vice and that meant he had to endure Bob's Thompson Vice. Another excellent evening thanks to Bernie's leadership.

We have but one spot left for the Phil Rowley Fly Tying Seminar on February 5th. Let Bob know if you want to come.

We now have 8 spots taken on the trip to The Parkland Region of Manitoba on June 9th-June 13th. Phil Rowley will be hosting the trip along with Bob and Karen Vanderwater. There are still 4 spots left although Phil will be offering those 4 spots to any interested fly fishers starting this Friday January 28th at the Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition. I would love to see the trip fill up with our gang. If you decide to go, contact Bob by Thursday.

Remember that the Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition is this weekend in Calgary at Spruce Meadows.

Next week Evan Ritchie is our guest tyer. Evan is one of the original members who got this fly tying group up and running. I think Evan is going to buy a new bottle of head cement before next week. He discovered that his head cement was "Hard as Nails." Grin!

Bernie Peet at the vice!

The Crisp Packet Buzzer

Hook: Size 12 scud/midge hook, eg. Daiichi 1130

Thread: 8/0 black or olive for the green version

Rib: Fine flat pearl mylar

Cheeks: Orange foil from Doritos tangy cheese flavour

Optional thorax cover: Medium pearl mylar

Coated with: Hard as Hull or Hard as Nails

The Shipman’s Buzzer

Thread: Black or red 8/0

Hook: Size 12, wet fly standard shank(2x long),, eg. Daiichi 1550

Breathers: White Antron yarn

Rib: Medium pearl mylar

Body: Black reddish brown, orange or green seal’s fur or other rough dubbing

Diawl Bach (Little Devil)

Hook: Size 12, wet fly standard shank (1x or 2x long), eg. Daiichi 1550

Thread: Reddish brown or red 8.0

Tail: Small bunch of red/brown or ginger cock hackle (Cheap Chinese or Indian will do)

Body: 2-3 strands of peacock herl

Rib: Medium copper wire.

Beard hackle: As tail

Bernie’s Daiwl Bach Variant

As above but:

Rib: Fine holographic red tinsel

Head/thorax: Small (ideally) or medium black crystal chenille (no beard hackle)

Bernie loves chronomids!

The gang at work.

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