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Monday, March 7, 2011

Stoneflies and Hackle

Hi Everybody!

John Howard and his wife, Bonny who own and operate Howard's Hackle spent the evening with us. Many of the gang bought hackle for their fly tying. John spent some time explaining to our club why it's going to be hard to purchase quality saddle hackle in the near future without reaching deep into our pocket book. It looked like many of us bought hackle for everything from streamers to small dry flies. Thanks John and Bonny for coming up to Red Deer and spending the evening with us.

Almost 25 of us got to work tying three stonefly patterns. The three patterns were based on tying recipes from Jeremy Davies and Phil Rowley. I do know that these are great patterns all year although I love to fish a size 10 golden stone nymph early in the season. Fish the Tri-wire stone in faster riffles. It should sink like a rock.

If you are looking for an excellent web site that has fly tying tutorials, do take some time to look over Charlie's Fly Box. You will find some of tonight's patterns on Charlie Craven's web site.

Next week, Rick is our guest tyer. Thanks Rick for switching dates with me. Again it was nice to see new faces in the group. Newcomers are always welcome.

Bob talking up a storm.

Tri-wire Stone

Bead: Gold 1/8 inch

Thread: Yellow 6/0 or 8/0

Hook: TMC (Tiemco) 200R sizes 8-12

Tail: Brown goose biots

Body: Gold, purple and red brassie wire (use black instead of purple too)

Shellback: pliable prismatic material (clear)

Thorax: rust/brown ice dub

Legs: Brown midge flex and Hungarian partridge feathers (natural)

Twenty Inch Stone

Bead: black 1/8 inch (its gold in the picture above, go for black)

Hook: TMC (Tiemco)200R sizes 6-10

Thread: Yellow 6/0 or 8/0

Tail: Brown goose or turkey biots

Rib: Copper wire

Body: Peacock herl or Peacock semi-seal dubbing

Shell back: Black Thin Skin cut to size

Thorax: Golden stone dubbing

Legs: Brown midge flex and Stillwater Solutions Hungarian partridge feathers (burnt orange)

Golden Stone Nymph

Hook: TMC (Tiemco) 200R sizes 8 to 12 (size 10 is my favorite)

Thread: Yellow 6/0 or 8/0

Bead: Gold 1/8 inch

Tail: Goose or turkey biots golden

Rib: Copper wire-small

Body: Golden stone dubbing (semi-seal)

Shellback: Stillwaters Solutions Midge Back; Summer Duck 1/8 inch

Thorax: Golden Stone dubbing (semi-seal)

Legs: Brown midge flex Stillwater Solutions Hungarian partridge feathers (burnt orange)

John Howard talking to the gang!

Bargain hunters looking for the perfect hackle for their flies.

Phil Nash thinking about growing a beard. Go for it Phil!

Katy tying stoneflies.

Colton and Glenn comparing flies!

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