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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reid "The Kid" Stoyberg Skwalas and Flavs

Hi Everybody!

Few 17 year olds are as knowledgeable as Reid Stoyberg when it comes to bugs and fly fishing. Reid taught 28 fly tyers 3 patterns. Two patterns were skwala patterns that he used while in Montana last spring while the flav pattern was his go to pattern on an Eastern Slopes cutthroat trip last August. Reid is a fabulous instructor. Reid's teaching tips were fantastic. Well done Reid.

It was very cool to have John Kent spend the evening with us. John is a passionate fly tyer who has introduced several great fly patterns into the fly fishing community. His signature fly is called the pumpkinhead. John says that he ties over 300 dozen of them per year for customers.

Pumpkinhead (John Kent originator)

Just a reminder that there is no fly tying on Family Day and the next fly tying session is Monday February 27th when Doug Pullen is our guest instructor. See you then!

Reid Stoyberg

John Kent along with Larry and Doug constructing their skwala flies.

Its is fabulous to see the younger generation at the some of the sessions we run.


Hook: standard dry fly hook sizes 10 -14
Tail: moose
Body: Olive seal
Rib: Thread
Post: White antron
Hackle: Grizzly died olive

Skwala Nymph

Hook: Mustad 3906 size 8
Weight: 0.025 lead or equivalent
Legs: midge flex olive
Body: Verigated chenille


Hook: standard dry fly size 10
Body: Brown 2 mm foam
Legs: Midge Flex brown
Wing: White antron
Stike indicator: pink antron

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