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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fly Fishing in Southern Alberta

Hi Everybody!

The thunderstorms are dumping large quantites of water in Central Alberta and that means are rivers are  high again. Eastern slopes rivers west of Red Deer are also high although they should come back into shape with the warm sunny weather that is expected in a few days.

The rivers in Southern Alberta are in great shape. Karen and I had a great time camping on a tributary of the Oldman last week for three days. We armed ourselves with green drakes and golden stone patterns. We saw lots of golden stones around and so we tied on the reliable "Orange Crush" and hit the river. The cutthroat were quite aggressive. We did have one cloudy day but the drakes we saw were grey and yes the trout were after them. A parachute adams did very well when the drakes were on the water. The Oldman drainage has lots of options as to where to go. Get a backroads map book and have fun!

The golden stones were out and laying eggs. The cutthroat know what to do when they splat on the water!

Karen hooking up.

We had to do some climbing to hit this run. It had lots of willing cutthroat.

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