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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall in the Parkland Region of Manitoba

photo courtesy of Phil Rowley
Hi Everybody!

Several of our gang just got back from fly fishing the trophy lakes of the Parkland Region of Manitoba. The lakes have some very large rainbows and browns lurking in the depths. You never know when that next hook up might have have you going toe to toe with a fish of a life time. We stayed at Arrow Lake Lodge and hooked up with Phil Rowley. While everybody was enjoying above normal temperatures in Red Deer, we had to get out the scrappers after the mercury dipped to -5C at night in Rossburn, Manitoba. We visited a new lake called Corstorphine that is located near Sandy Lake. We will definitely be back. courtesy of Doug Pullen

The snow geese where everywhere. The flyway for the fall migration of the geese goes right over the lakes we visited. We also meet at lot of salamanders. They were on the move everywhere. The hawks, eagles and crows had a great time picking them off the gravel roads.

We also had the privilege of meeting Jerry McBride, a member of the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club in Spokane. Jerry is the originator of the balanced leech. He did several demonstrations at the vice to show us how he likes to tie the balanced leech.

Jerry McBride and Phil Rowley

photo courtesy of Silvia D'Amelio

Bob did not have the balance to do this on the gunnel. He was tempted to try though.

photo courtesy of Phil Rowley
Doug Pullen tied into several beautiful trout!

photo courtesy of Phil Rowley

John Nahaj caught some biggies. John tied into this big boy near a beaver house at Patterson Lake.

Larry helping with the cooking. Larry claims that the sausages were stuffed with gasoline.

We love hitting Twin Lakes for tiger trout. Unfortunately there was evidence of a partial summer kill at the lake. We still tied into several beauties.

Tracey and Marlene enjoying some time with Phil.

A perfect way to wind down the day. Single malt! Sharing pictures and having lots of laughs is a big part of our trips to the Parkland Region of Manitoba.

 photo courtesy Silvia D'Amelio
Bob and Larry having a great time!

 photo courtesy Silvia D'Amelio
photo courtesy Silvia D'Amelio

Rick snoozing and fly fishing at the same time. Yes, he catches trout all the time like this.

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