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Monday, December 3, 2012

Honouring Bob Quigley

Hi Everybody!

Twenty seven fly tyers came out tonight to tie parachute flies and to tie a signature fly of the late Bob Quigley. Bob Quigley developed a cripple fly pattern that was a staple of so many fly boxes. Many a fly fisher (including me) has been caught fishing dry flies on the surface when an emerger would have been the answer to their fustrations. Tonight we tied a Quigley's Cripple that is imitates an emerging green drake. The rest of the evening, we focused on tying parachute flies. We started off with a parachute adams and then we tackled a PMX, ...a Parachute Madam X.

Monday evenings are lots of fun. We certainly have a great time and we learn lots of fly tying techniques from each other.

Next week Dr. Bill Young is our presenter. I wonder what Bill has up his sleeve? 

It was Bob's turn at the front of the class.

Tonight's flies.


Green Drake Cripple (Bob Quigley originator)

Hook: TMC 200R size 12
Thread: Olive 8/0 or 6/0
Shuck: Olive antron
Body: Olive ostrich
Rib: Yellow wire
Wing: Deer hair
Hackle: Olive or grizzly

High Viz Parachute Adams

Hook: Standard dry fly hook size 12 to 18
Thread: Grey 8/0
Tail: grizzly and brown hackle
Wing post: orange and yellow macrame cord
Body: Grey antron
Hackle: Grizzly and brown

Parachute Madam X

Hook: 3 XL dry fly size 8-10
Tail: Deer hair
Body: Golden stone antron
Rib: Gold wire
Wing: Deer hair
Legs: rubber
Parachute post: White macrame or polypropylene 
Hackle: Grizzly died olive
Thorax: Peacock herl


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