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Monday, January 28, 2013

Go BIG or Go Fishless

Hi Everybody!

Rick Miyauchi was our guest fly tyer tonight and he taught 15 fly fishers two patterns he learned from Silvia D'Amelio. Silvia is an avid fly fisher who is also a biologist with Trout Unlimited Canada. Rick watched Silvia tie flies at Arrow Lake Lodge after having fly fished the trophy lakes in the Parkland Region of Manitoba. These streamers were BIG and they had a lot going on. Rick brought these BIG ideas to the vice tonight and shared these streamers with our gang. Many of us had not tied flies that included Fish Skull heads. One fly in particular had lots of steps. We handled it just fine after following Rick's instruction. As the saying goes, " Imitation is a form of flattery." Thanks Silvia for the patterns and thanks Rick for the instruction. Make note Silvia, Rick owes you some Disaranno in June!

We still have 8 spots for the Phil Rowley Workshop on June 9th. Give Bob a call or drop him an e-mail.

See everybody next week.


Silvia D'Amelio

Rick Miyauchi

Tonight's Flies

Almost a Chicken (top)

Hook: size 2 - 6 XL streamer
Tail: Pearl crystal flash
Body: UV Ice Dub Pearl Ice Dub
Body: Magnum rabbit strip (split after the curve of the hook)
Legs: Orange and olive silly legs
Throat: Red Antron
Overwing #1 Green flashabou
Overwing #2: Black Antron
Underbody: Tan antron
Head: Fish skull

Soggy Bog (bottom fly)

Hook: Size 2 - 6 XL streamer
Cone Head: Large gold
Body: Quick decent olive ice dub
Wing: Veriegated rabbit strip
Collar: Deer Hair
Throat: Red or orange antron

We had problems finding magnum rabbit strips so we had to do some glueing.

Variegated Rabbit Strips

Colton Concentrating


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