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Monday, February 11, 2013

Caddis Flies with Les Kolibaba

Hi Everybody!

Les Kolibaba was our guest presenter tonight. Les showed 19 keen fly tyers 3 excellent patterns, two that are great caddis imitations and the third is a great all round dry fly. All three ride right in the surface film and trout will readily sip these imposters on rivers in Central Alberta. The nice thing about all three patterns we tied tonight is their simplicity. All three are easy to tie and winners on the river!

Thanks Les for an enjoyable evening!

Remember that there is no fly tying on Family Day. We will resume with fly tying on Monday February 25th. Doug Pullen is our guest tyer. Doug would like you to have light cahill and dark brown thread (8/0). Try to arrive a few minutes early. Doug has a very cool presentation planned for us.

Remember that the IF4 Film Festival is March 21st at Carnival Theatre at 7 pm.

The Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Dinner Auction is April 25th at the Black Knight Inn.

It is very cool to see fly tyers of all ages join us on Monday nights.

Evan Ritchie had a great idea for adding a chironomid below a balanced leech. Add another loop on the bottom of the fly. I have to give that idea a try.

Caddis Emerger

Hook: Curved caddis pupa sizes 14-16
Trailing shuck: antron
Body: Arizona semi-seal
Rib: Olive crystal flash
Hackle: Olive

X-Caddis (Craig Matthews originator)

Hook: Curved caddis pupa sizes 14 -16
Trailing shuck: Antron
Body: Arizona semi-seal
Rib: Olive crystal flash
Wing: Deer hair

Devil Bug

Hook: Standard dry fly sizes 14 to 18
Tail: Deer hair
Body: Micro olive chenille
Shellback: Tan 2 mm foam

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