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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tying Blue Winged Olives with Bob

Hi Everybody!

Tonight was our final fly tying session of the season. Twenty fly fishers came out to tie small, real small. It was a tradition that Doug DeWitt started several years ago. We continued trying to perfect our Blue Winged Olive patterns. We tied from size 16 right down to size 24. We tried a number of different ways to tie BWOs. Blue Winged Olives are usually our first mayfly of the year in spring and they hatch again in the fall. We tied mainly size 18 to size 24 today. That is small. Several tyers even tried tying with 16/0 thread.

Another fly tying season has come to an end. Special thanks to all of the presenters this year. As one of the gang said tonight, it is hard to see the fly tying sessions end but it also signals the start of the fly fishing season. Yahoo.

Remember that we have booked Maxwell robinson for the weekend of April 20th and 21st for both spey casting and single handed fly rod casting. Get a hold of Bob Vanderwater to book a spot.

Blue Wing Olive crawling around on the snow in early spring.

BWO Thorax

Hook: Standard dry fly sizes 18-22
Tail: Micro-fibetts or Coq de Lion fibres
Body: BWO superfine antron or goose biot
Wing: Midge hackle or ostrich herl grey

Parachute BWO


BWO Trude

BWO Comparadun

Wing: Snowshoe rabbit or coastal deer hair

Bruce Tilbrook at the vice and below is his book Sausage Men which is now available at the Fishing Hole in Edmonton.

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