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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Troy Langelaar Hits the Bow River with Josh Nugent and OutFlyfishing Outfitters

Troy and his buddy from Abottsford spent last Friday floating the Bow River with guide Josh Nugent from Outflyfishing Outfitters. I am sure many of you saw "Destination Spain" and several episodes of Fly Nation where Josh was involved as one of the hosts. Troy was quite excited about his day and the first class guiding that Josh provided. The golden stones were done and the Bow River had risen enough to change tactics. It was streamer time and Josh was excited. Both Troy and his buddy spent most of the day casting double streamers with a floating line. The streamers were big articulated flies to boot! This was no ordinary day either. Josh kicked the day off at 6:30 am and they called it a day well past 10 pm. Josh was on those drift boat oars for a lot of hours and he provided the guys with a lot of shots at big browns and rainbows. I can tell that the guys had a great day. Streamer fishing with a floating line is a very visual game. You can see the strikes, misses and follows. I bet their shoulders were sore the next day. I can just hear Josh getting the guys to hit the top and bottom of a seam and encouraging them to strip those flies fast. the pics guys! the saying goes, "a picture speaks a thousand words." I wonder what all of those smiles would tell us?

...there is a day two to this story! Troy and his buddy were some place on a Bow River tributary chasing rainbows and bulls. They were into lots of fish. Some very cool images Troy! the colour on this bull trout

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