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Monday, March 9, 2015

Damselfly Nymphs and Adults

Tonight was all about damsels. There are lots of great patterns out there although my favourite ones have marabou as a main tying component. Many damsel patterns are easy to tie and the marabou allows them to flow freely and be very life like in the water. Tonight we tied up a Grizzly Damsel, a pattern that Phil Rowley has developed, we also tied up a Denny Richards pattern called a Stillwater Nymph. The stillwater nymph is a very impressionistic fly that can also be used as a scud pattern. The last fly we tied is John Kent's, Pumpkinhead. The Pumpkinhead is a very reliable pattern that should be in every stillwater fly box!

Next week Willy Spijksma is our guest tyer. It should be an awesome session! We are down to our last two Fly Tying Monday lessons for this winter!

Remember that the IF4 Film Festival is coming to Carnival Theatre on April 16th. There are several amazing films that Josh Nugent will be showing. The two hour show starts at 6:30 pm and the door open at 6 pm. You can get tickets at the door or at TC Outfitters. Getting tickets at TC Outfitters will be slightly cheaper.

Baby Damsel (Brian Chan originator)

Grizzly Damsel (Philip Rowley originator)

A Dubbing Loop for the Aftershaft Feather that Builds the Thorax

Pumpkinhead (John Kent originator)

Stillwater Nymph (Denny Richards originator)

Hook: TMC 200R sizes 10-12
Thread: Olive 8/0
Tail: Olive Marabou
Body: Olive seal or semi seal
Hackle: Orange Grizzly
Shellback: Olive Marabou

Foam Adult Damsel

Hook: Curved Nymph sizes 10-12
Thread: Blue 8/0
Tail: Blue 2 mm foam
Body: Blue Antron
Shellback: Blue 2 mm foam
Eyes: Glass black, small
Wing: Pearl Crystal Flash

The pictures below are from a lake with lots of damsels. The lahontan cutthroat get gigantic!

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