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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cutthroats on the Eastern Slopes

Rumours suggested that the low water in the west country was a big concern. I suspect by August that maybe the case but today Larry and I had a blast chasing cutthroat on a west country river. The river was not gin clear and it had risen a bit in the last 24 hours but the cutties were hungry. Small nymphs and golden stone imitations did great. In particular a hares ear nymph with goose biots (like a prince nymph) fished great! We also had some success with dry flies like H and L Variants, Parachute Adams and BWOs. We caught lots of 14 to 16 inch cutthroat and several in the 18 inch category and half a dozen honest 20 plus inch cutthroat! Wow what a day!

Enjoy the long weekend. Be safe out there!

One piece of good news is that the paving on Highway 11 looks 99 percent done. That will allow traffic to flow freely finally!

It was nice to bump into Michael Dell today. He was fly fishing with his trusty Andersen Bamboo Rod!

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