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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Three Flies Using Hares Ears Dubbing with Larry Prowse

Larry Prowse was our guest tyer on Monday night! The theme was three nymphs using hares ear dubbing. The 17 fly tyers learned to properly use a hares mask to select dubbing for the patterns. All three patterns will be very useful out on the rivers. The Peeping Caddis is a very innovative pattern that runs upside down. The Hares Ear Prince Nymph has been a real winner out on our Eastern Slopes rivers and the Guides Choices Hares Ear is and excellent suggestive pattern using a soft hackle collar! Thanks Larry for a very informative fly tying session! Special thanks to Doug Pullen for the pictures from tonight's session!

Next Monday is our final session of the season. The theme will be micro leeches. See you then!

Peeping Caddis

Hook: 2 XL nymph hook sizes #10-16 or a jig hook
Thread: UTC 70 tan
Tail/Head: Ultra chenille, floss, yarn, ...burn tip
Legs: Partridge or mottled hen
Body: UV2 caddis nymph dubbing, squirrel or natural hare ears dubbing
Weight/Front: Split shot crimped onto 10 pound mono

Hare Ear Prince Nymph

Hook: Curved nymph sizes #10 to #16
Tail: Hare Mask Fibers
Rib: Gold wire or tinsel
Body: Lighter hares ear dubbing
Thorax: Darker hares ear dubbing
Wing: White biots
Bead: Gold

Guide's Choice Hares Ear

Hook: TMC 3761 #12-18
Thread: UTC 70 Red (for hot spot)
Tail: Hares Mask
Body: Tan dubbing
Rib: Gold wire or tinsel
Thorax: Peacock herl
Flashback/Casing: Pearl tinsel
Collar: Partridge
Bead: Gold or lead wire substitute

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