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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Caddis Larvae Patterns with Rick Miyauchi

Twenty five keen fly tyers came out on a snowy frosty evening to take in Rick Miyauchi's presentation on caddis larvae. The first three patterns were very traditional caddis larvae patterns and the 4th pattern was a new pattern that was tied with a small piece of a mop!  Rick always threatens us with tying size 24 dry flies and I bet someday he will do just that but tonight was all about a trout food item that we see in both lakes and rivers. Of course Rick had to throw one controversial pattern into the fray tonight, ...the Green Weenie! The Green Weenie has been banned from many a fly fishing competition because it works so well. I alway find it ironic that the presenter who teaches the gang just three days after the all day workshop with Philip Rowley, ends up with a full house. Your presentation was fantastic Rick. Thanks!

Next week Doug Pullen and Taryn Bowman are our guest fly tyers. The theme is Steelhead Patterns. Be sure to bring along UTC 70 white, 3/0 Black, 6/0 black threads as well as a dubbing twister.

Finally we have a date for the IF 4 Film Festival. It will be at Carnival Theatre on Thursday March 24th starting at 7 pm. The tickets can be picked up at TC Outfitters in Red Deer or on line (not quite yet but soon)! 

The Ombudsman

Hook: Mustad 9671 size 12 or equivalent
Thread: UTC Rust Brown 70 denier
Body: Peacock herl
Wing: Pheasant
Collar: Hen hackle, ginger or brown

Carey Special

Hook: Mustad 9671 size 12 or equivalent
Thread: UTC Brown, live or Rusty Brown, 70 denier
Tail: Pheasant
Body: Verigated Green Chenille 
Collar: Ringneck Pheasant Rump

Wonder Nymph

Hook: Mustad 9671 size 12 or equivalent
Thread: UTC Black, 70 denier
Tail: Black pheasant
Body: Grey Rabbit
Hackle: Blue Dun and Brown, trimmed
Thorax: Black Ostrich

Green Weenie

Hook: Mustad C49S size 8-10 or equivalent 
Bead: Tungsten 5/32, black
Thread: UTC black, 70 denier
Body: Bristle from a mop, chartreuse
Thorax: Black yarn

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