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Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall in the Parkland Region of Manitoba

Fall is a time of change. Winter is coming and the fish know it! The rainbows, brookies, browns and tiger trout start to feed knowing that winter is not far away! As the water temperature starts to drop, daylights hours shorten and frost greets us at the start of the day, we know that the fly fishing can pick up. Of course the fall colours can be spectacular and the geese are heading south just ahead of winter. Your senses certain come alive with all the things that are going on in nature!

The trout start devouring leeches, forage fish, blood worms, boatmen/backswimmers and scuds. That makes the fly fishing quite fun. I also love the spectacular colours of the tiger trout and browns. Their colours alone are worth the trip to try and tangle with them!

Well take a look at all the action from past years. I will have this year's pictures posted in about 10 days!

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