Fly Tying Mondays Resume on November 26th, 2018

We will get another season rolling on Monday November 26th at West River Fly Shop. From 7 pm to 9 pm. members are always welcome.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Crab Flies with Steve Luethi

We are very fortunate to have several talented fly tyers within our club. Steve Luethi is an exceptional fly tyer. His flies are realistic and accurately tied. Steve is noted for his gigantic streamers that he loves to throw at big bull trout, musky, lakers and pike. ....but Steve loves the salt water and he has developed a passion for chasing permit and tarpon!

Tonight Steve shared two challenging flies, a fleeing crab and the kung-foo crab. The 25  fly tyers really had to concentrate to construct both the fleeing crab and kung-foo crab!

Steve also showed everybody how to tie the eyes of a crab using 25 pound mono, a lighter, nail polish and UV resin!

Fantastic session Steve!

Next week we have a very cool presentation called "Fishing in the Dark!" Karen, Taryn and Bob have some fun flies to share with you. Bring along some white 8/0/-70 denier thread, olive 8/0- 70 denier thread and yellow or wood duck 8/0 thread.

The Phil Rowley Workshop will be located at:

MacKenzie Light Industrial Park, just south of the City of Red Deer Landfill. The Gun Club is also in the same area! In the Industrial Park, we will be at The Wheel House 484 McCoy Drive. I will be sending maps along shortly to all.

Lastly here is a list of materials you need to bring to the Phil Rowley All Day Workshop on February 3rd:

Fly Tying Vise
Portable Lamp
Dubbing Spinner
Dubbing Wax
Black Sharpie (Fine Point)
Red Sharpie (Fine Point)
Olive Prismacolor Marker or similar
UV resin, thick
UV resin, thin (flow)
Ultra Wire, Gold, Small
Ultra Wire, Chartreuse, Small
8/0 or 70 Denier Black Thread
8/0 or 70 Denier Olive Thread
8/0 or 70 Denier White Thread
Peacock Herl
Pearlescent Crystal Flash
Pearlescent Flashabou

Steve Luethi

Making eyes for shrimp and crab flies.

Fleeing Crab
(video below)

Kung Fu Crab
(video below)

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