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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Late Winter and Early Spring Nymphs for the River with Dan Reaman

Dan Reaman is a very passionate fly fisher and an outstanding fly tyer. He has created several original patterns based on his keen observations on the rivers he loves to fly fish. Tonight Dan shared three early season river fly patterns. He also took it easy on us because these patterns need to be tied small. Yes size 18 to 24 is not that unusual! Dan also introduced us Firehole hooks. They are sold in Montana and are in fact competition hooks.

Thanks Dan for sharing your fabulous fly patterns with us! I hope you are able to do another session next year!

Next week Bob and Rick are our presenters. See you then!

Matt Mc'annel's Demon Midge

Hook: Mustad CO68 
Body: veevus body quill BQ12, hot pink 
Rib: UTC 70 in black, 
Gas Bubble: Red UTC Holo Tinsel

Dan's Ice Dub Baetis

Hook: Firehole Outdoors 316 sizes 16 to 20 
Thread: UTC 70, brown, tan or olive
Tail: light brown hen hackle fibres
Rib: UTC wire to contrast body, silver, gold, black, in size small, 
 Abdomen: Awesome possum, golden stone dubbing.
Thorax: UTC thread, gills: uv pearl ice dub, 
Wing case and legs: brown antron yarn in spring, tan MFC widows web in winter,

 Reece's Fusion 

Nymph hook: Firehole Outdoors 316 sizes 12 to 18
Bead: Brass
Tail: Rootbeer Krystal Flash
Rib: UTC wire size medium copper
Gills: Tan ostrich herl
Thorax: Olive ice dub in dubbing loop

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