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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Some Chironomid and Midge Patterns from the British Isles with Bernie Peet

Bernie Peet was our guest tyer one week ago. I was in Belize on a fly fishing holiday and missed this awesome session! Bernie is a regular presenter with our club and I sure appreciate his efforts to bring his skill and expertise to the group! Thankfully Bernie did a chironomid/midge presentation. It may be the only one we have this year! Take a look at the four excellent patterns he taught the group! 

Thanks so much Bernie, I always appreciate the thought and effort you put into your presentations!

A special thanks to Rick Miyauchi for tying the samples for this blog post!

Phil’s Grey Boy – Phil Rowley (English)

Hook: Mustad C49S or Daiichi 1130, 10 – 14
Thread:  UTC 70 black
Rib: White Stretch Floss
Body:  UTC 70 Black Thread
Thorax: UTC 70 Fluorescent Orange Thread
Bead: Black (#10 – 7/64th , 12 and 14 3/32nd)
Gills:  White Uni-Stretch

Corran Buzzer – Hywel Morgan (Welsh)

Hook: Wet Fly or Nymph Hook, eg Daiichi 1560, sizes 10 - 16
Gills:  White Uni-Stretch, doubled
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Body and Thorax: UTC 70 Black
Hotspot/Target: Mirage Opal Tinsel
Finish:  Thin UV Resin

Blushing Buzzer (Variant) – Stan Headley (Scotland)

Hook:  Wet Fly or Nymph Hook, eg Daiichi 1560, sizes 10 – 14
Thread:  UTC 70 Black
Body:  Black UTC 70, 2 – 3 layers
Cheeks: Fluorescent Orange Floss
Thorax:  Peacock Herl (says Bronze in the Original Recipe)
Hackle:  Dark Furnace Hen, one turn

Corrib Duckfly Wet – after Davie McPhail (Ireland)

Hook:  Short shank nymph/wet fly, eg. Daiichi 1560, size 12
Thread:  UTC 70 Black
Tag: Silver Flat Mylar
Body:  UTC 70 Black
Thorax:  Orange Seal’s fur
Wings:  White or Cream Hackle Points
Hackle:  Black hen

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