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Friday, October 16, 2020

Walleye in a Snowstorm

It wasn't our first choice but it definitely was the right choice. My buddy Jay and I wanted to fly fish for cutthroat trout but the heavy snow today made us settle for walleye on the Red Deer River. Hey some days you have to go with what makes sense. 

It was snowing heavily as we set up. No problem, we had our winter gear and being cold was not going to be an issue. The walleye were relatively active today too! We used Candy Corns, Vampire Leeches and Ice Minnows.

As the snowfall intensified, we headed back to Red Deer in the early afternoon in order to avoid bad roads. Jay and I made the best of a snowy day! We had lots of fun.

A sucker takes a Vampire Leech!


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