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Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday February 14th Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

Today Betty MacKenzie was our guest tyer. Betty taught 14 keen fly tyers about three of her favorite patterns. Betty loves Doc Spratley flies. She taught us 2 of her variations on this tried and true pattern. Betty also introduced us to her version of a backswimmer that has paid dividends for both her husband, Steve and herself. The photo above is Betty with a beautiful Tokaryk Lake rainbow taken on one of her Doc Spratley patterns. I saw first hand how effective Betty's Foam Backswimmer pattern was at Twin Lakes when the tiger trout slammed her imitation many times during the day. Betty's 30 plus years in education was very evident with her concise teaching instructions. I know several of the gang tonight will be busy tying these three patterns to add to their fly box. Great job Betty.

Just a reminder that there is NO fly tying next Monday because it is Family Day.

Doug Pullen is our guest tyer on Monday February 28th. Doug would like us to bring orange 8/0 thread to the session. The theme is Soft Hackle Flies.

Betty MacKenzie leading the group!

Doc Spratley

Thread: Black
Hook: Mustad 9671 size 12
Tail: Grizzly hackle
Body: Small black chenille wrapped with medium silver tinsel
Throat: Grizzly hackle
Wing: Pheasant rump feather
Head: Peacock herl

Crystal Spratley

Thread: Black
Hook: Mustad 9671 size 8
Tail: Grizzly hackle
Body: Green crystal chenille wrapped with fine copper wire
Throat: Grizzly hackle
Wing: Pheasant rump feather
Head: Peacock herl

Foam Backswimmer

Thread: Yellow or Olive 6/0 or 8/0
Hook: TMC (Tiemco) 100 size 10
Back: 1/4" strip of tan foam (2 mm or less)
Body: Green crystal chenille
Legs: Brown or black rubber legs

"The Boys" are busy!

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