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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday February 7th, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Tim Maley was our guest tyer tonight and 25 enthusiastic tyers came to learn three excellent patterns. Two of Tim's flies tonight could be classified as a tying style that can be applied to many mayflies and stoneflies by simply adjusting the size and colour of materials. Tim's patterns were all easy to follow because of his excellent instruction. Tim's ant pattern made for some amazing days fishing in Southern British Columbia. I love turkey biots for making bodies and by adding a trude style wing, you have an excellent recipe for a mayfly dry fly. The stonefly pattern we tied tonight has a neat layered wing that makes the fly float high all day. Thanks again Tim for a very informative evening of fly tying.

Next week, Betty Mackenzie is our guest tyer. You will enjoy Betty's energy and passion for fly fishing.

Tim Maley

Tim's Ant

Hook: Standard dry fly size 14-16
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: white closed cell packing foam colored with black marker
Wing: White antron
Legs: black saddle hackle

Turkey Biot P.M.D. (Pale Morning Dun)

Hook: Regular dry fly sizes 14-18
Trailing Shuck: Rust antron
Body: Turkey biot
Wing: White antron or calf tail
Hackle: Ginger/light brown saddle hackle

The Titanic (unsinkable)

Hook: Standard dry fly size 6
Body: 2 mm closed foam tan
Underwing: brown antron
Overwing: Elk hair
Legs: grey saddle hackle
Bullet head: Elk Hair

Justin concentrating on his fly.

The Halvorsons focussed on constructing their flies.

All eyes on the fly, right Betty!

Karen tying up a stonefly!

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