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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Information about the Fly Tying Workshop with Phil Rowley

Hi Everybody!

Here is some valuable information about the fly tying workshop with Phil Rowley that starts at 9 am on January 7th at Mattie McCullough School. The school is located on Lawford Avenue. Travel east on 32nd Street until you get to the very end of the street (its almost 6 km from Highway 2). You will pass Hunting Hills High School as you travel east on 32nd Street. There is a traffic light right at the far east end of 32nd Street. When you get the end of 32nd Street, turn right and the school is immediately on your right. Use the front door!

The coffee will be on from 8:30 am. Come early and visit!

We will order pizza. If you prefer to bring your own lunch, feel free to do so! We will have coffee, water and juice at the workshop.

The workshop will continue until 4 ish!

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me!

Bob is a note from Phil

I have all of the materials and Patsy and I just have to sort them into the various sample packs for everyone. I will put 30 together per fly pattern.

In addition to their tying vise and basic tools, bobbin, scissors etc. the students will need to ensure they have a few things on hand specific to this class.

· Fine sewing needle
· Exacto Knife or small utility knife for cutting foam
· Gel Control Superglue from Loctite, it can’t be the runny stuff we use for chironomids. It needs to be viscous so it doesn’t flow.
· White, Olive, Black, Hot Orange and Brown 6/0 tying thread. Try to avoid 8/0 as it isn’t the best choice for foam.

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