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Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7th, 2012 Phil Rowley Workshop: Fun with Foam

Hi Everybody!

Today, the Central Alberta Fly Tyers set a new record. Thirty two fly tyers spent the day with Phil Rowley learning the intricacies of tying foam flies. We are very lucky that Phil has made himself available to our club over the past 5 years. Phil is the one of best fly tying instructors because of his clear and concise directions. Phil makes the day long seminar fun, educational and we all become better fly tyers each time he visits us. Thanks again, Phil. Another fabulous day!

A special thanks to Dr. Bill Young for lending a hand today as well. Much appreciated Bill!

Yes, we do have our regular Monday fly tying session on January 9th. Rick Miyauchi is our guest instructor. See you then!

Phil Rowley

Why Use Foam?

Readily available
Easy to use
Can be trimmed to a variety of shapes and sizes
Ability to color using permanent markers
Provides both form and function
Perfect material in today’s hackle challenged world
Works for both surface and sub-surface patterns

We learned all about the different types of foam that can be used in fly tying.

Ethafoam-Packaging material
Evazote-Sheet Foam
Poly Urethane-UV Sensitive
Vinyl Foam-Reacts to Solvents
Poly Ethylene Foam

We learned all about different adhesives:
Not all adhesives stick to foam-i.e. Epoxy Subs, Knot Sense
Fabric adhesives
Aqua Seal
Soft Tex
Soft Body
Super 77
Flexament or C-Flex
The foam cutters that we used today came from a company called River Road Creations Cutters. You can order the cutters on line.

The gang at work!

Preparing the foam.

Furry Foam Skwala

Hook: Mustad R74-9672 #8-#10

Thread: 6/0 Olive

Body: 2mm Sheet Foam, Olive and Furry Foam, Olive, Laminated Together

Wing: Deer Body Hair

Legs: Round Rubber Legs Barred, Olive

Winged Boobie

Hook: Mustad R-50-94840

Thread: 6/0 Color to Match

Tail: Marabou

Body: Crystal Chenille

Wing (Optional): Holographic SuperFlash or Flashabou

Eyes: Booby Eye Body Foam, Medium, White or Black

Sugar Cube

Hook: Mustad R50-94840 #12-#16

Thread: 6/0 Colour to match body

Trailing Shuck: White Packing Foam or Sheet Foam

Rib: Pearlescent Crystal Flash

Body: Stillwater Solutions Soft Blend Dubbing Maroon, Olive, Dark Summer Duck

Thorax: Stillwater Solutions Soft Blend Dubbing- Maroon, Olive, Dark Summer Duck

Suspender: White Packing Foam or Sheet Bubble

Foam Beetle

Hook: Mustad R50-94840 #10-#16

Thread: 6/0 Black

Shellback: Booby Body Foam, Black

Indicator: 2mm Sheet Foam, Orange

Body: Dubbing or Peacock Herl

Legs: Barred Round Rubber Legs, Small

Simplified Ultimate Boatman

Hook: Mustad S82-3906 #12

Thread: 6/0 Olive

Underbody: Stillwater Solutions Soft Blend

Dubbing, Dark Olive Green

Body: 5/8ths Foam Body Slim, White or Tan

Legs: SuperStretch Floss or Stillwater Solutions Midge Stretch Floss, Olive

Club Sandwich

Hook: Mustad S-80-3906 #4-#10

Thread: 6/0 White or Tan

Body: 2mm Sheet Foam, Tan, Brown and Orange glued together and trimmed to shape

Legs: Round Rubber Hackle, Knotted

Indicator: 2mm Sheet Foam, Hot Orange

Floating Minnow

Hook: Mustad R74-9672 #6-#12

Thread: 6/0 White

Tail: Stillwater Solutions Grizzly Marabou, Olive or Brown

Underbody: 2mm Sheet Foam, White

Body: SuperWeave Mylar, Medium

Extended Body Dun

Hook: Mustad C49S #6-#10

Thread: 6/0 Color to Compliment Body

Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibres

Body: 2 mm Sheet Foam, Color to Match Naturals

Wingcase: 2mm Sheet Foam, Color to Match Naturals

Thorax: Diamond Dubbing, Color to Match Naturals

Wings: Poly, Elk or Deer Hair

King's Foam Dragon

Hook: Mustad C49S #8-#10

Thread: 6/0, Black or Olive

Body: Foam Body, Plump or Slim, Covered with Dubbing

Legs: Stillwater Solutions Grizzly Marabou, Round Rubber Hackle Barred

Thorax: Dubbing

Wingcase: Thin Skin, Mottled Oak, Two Sections

Eyes: 1/8” Wide Strip of 2MM Black Sheet Foam

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