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Monday, March 12, 2012

An Evening Tying Emergers with Tim Maley

Hi Everybody!

Tonight Tim Maley had 27 fly tyers focus on emergers. We looked at three very different patterns that included at least two materials most of us have not used in our fly tying. The patterns were easily tied thanks to Tim's excellent instruction. Fly fishing with emergers is something that many of us do not use enough on our rivers and lakes. These three patterns can be applied to a number of different mayflies by adjusting the color and size of the pattern. Also consider putting your turkey/goose biots on a damp cloth for a few minutes before using them as a biot body. They will be easier to work with. Thanks Tim for the fabulous evening.

Next week, Bruce Tilbrook is our guest instructor. I believe we will be tying midges. Bring your glasses or magnifyers next week!

Tim Maley

Everybody was concentrating on their emergers.

Excellent wing materials. We used light dun tonight but this material can be bought in a variety of colors.

Emerger yarn works great for the Sparkle Emerger Pupa.

Emerger #1
Tim's Modified Polypropylene Emerger

Hook: Standard dry fly hook size12
Trailing Shuck: sparse yellow polypropylene or antron
Body: Olive turkey biot
Shellback: white/yellow polypropylene
Hackle: Green saddle
Thorax: olive antron

Emerger #2

Hook: Mustad C49S size 12
Trailing shuck: yellow polypropylene or antron
Body: Olive turkey biot
Wing: Medallion Sheeting Light Dun
Hackle: olive saddle
Thorax; green or olive antron

Gary LaFontaine's Sparkle Emerger Pupa

Hook: Standard dry fly size 12
Body: underbody caddis krystal dun caddis green
Overbody: Olive sparkle emerger yarn
Underwing: Olive sparkle emerger yarn
Overwing: Elk hair
Thorax: yellow or olive antron

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