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Monday, March 26, 2012

Roy Saunders brings the Curtain Down on Another Tying Season

Hi Everybody!

Roy Saunders was our guest instructor tonight. Roy showed 25 fly tyers three patterns. The first pattern was a steelhead pattern called the River Dragon. The River Dragon was designed by Bob Giles from Victoria for fishing the Cowichan River. Bob was the recipient of the Jack Shaw Fly tying award. The River Dragon has caught many a trophy brown trout, sea run cutthroat, coho, and steelhead. It is a fly that is very practical because of the materials you use to construct it. Roy's other two flies are real winners on our Eastern slopes rivers. Roy developed a new beettle pattern because the cutts were refusing the pattern he was using. His son Devon insists on using the newly designed beetle on our Eastern slopes rivers. The second pattern was designed by Bob Edens to fool fussy cutts that have seen a lot of flies. Bob's tiny foam pattern is a great imitation for a yellow sally stone. This imposter is a proven winner. Thanks, Roy, for a great finish to our sessions.

It's hard to believe that tonight was our final tying session of the winter. We have had 16 different individuals lead a tying session. Our gang learned to tie close to 50 different patterns over the course of the winter. That is impressive.

I will be sending out information on our spring fishing trip. It will be the first or second weekend of May. I will also get the final details out about the switch rod/ spey casting workshop that will occur on April 28th/29th.

Do check back to our blog often. I will update the blog on a regular basis. A new fly fishing season is right in front of us. Remember to get a new fishing licence. They can be purchased on line right here:

If you are looking for a fly fishing partner there are plenty of us who would love to get out with you.

Roy Saunders

Roy along side of his dad. Roy's Dad learned to fly fish in his late 70's.

Roy with a coho.

Bernie tying The River Dragon.

Brian and Ryan putting the final touches on their flies.

Devo's Beetle (Roy Saunders originator)

Hook: TMC 2487 size 12
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: Tan foam punched out of a casing (spent bullet)
Shellback: tan razor foam
Underbody: Antron dubbing (yellow/tan/claret/orange)
Legs: Small rubber

River Dragon (Bob Giles originator)

Hook: Mustad 9672 size 8
Weight: lead 0.025
Tail: pheasant rump feathers
Collar: Pheasant rump feather
Eyes: Moose main
Body: Olive seal (back half) and peacock herl (front half)

Yellow Sally Stonefly (Bob Edens originator)

Hook: TMC 200R size 18
Trailing shuck: Orange antron or orange foam
Underbody: Yellow antron
Overbody: Grey foam
Legs: Fine yellow rubber legs
Indicator: Yellow or orange razor foam

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