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Monday, November 24, 2014

Bonefish Flies with Brandon Fawcett for Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

What a great start to our tying season. Twenty three fly tyers came out tonight to take in Brandon Fawcett's presentation on bonefish fly fishing on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua. Brandon has been guiding on Little Corn Island for several years. His company, Fly Fishing Little Corn has been quite successful. Tonight Brandon gave us a great overview of fly fishing on Little Corn Island. It certainly sounds like an adventure to go there. The bonefish are found on the flats and in slightly deeper water. There are elusive permit and tarpon in the area at certain times of the year as well!

Great job Brandon! What an enjoyable way to kick off the fly tying season!

Next week we will be tying two very cool mouse patterns. The famous Morrish Mouse and a neat mouse pattern called Count Chocula, yes, after the cereal! You will need 6/0 or 3/0 black tying thread for spinning deer hair! See you there!

Crab Fly

Thread: White 8/0
Eyes: Dumbell Eyes-small
Hook: Mustad 34007 size 8 or equivalent
Legs: Sili Legs
Body: EP Fibers

Cuban Libra 

Thread: White 6/0 or 8/0
Hook: Mustad 34007 size 4 or equivalent
Eyes: Dumbell Eyes
Tail: White Ultra Hair or Equivalent
Underbody: Pink diamond braid
Over Body: Mylar Tubing

Green Weenie

Hook: Mustad 34007 size 4
Thread: Green 6/0
Eyes: Dumbell Eyes
Tail: White Ultra Hair or Equivalent
Body: Green or olive diamond braid
Wing: White Ultra Hair or Equivalent

The Gang at Work!

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