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We will get another season rolling on Monday December 4th at TC Outfitters. From 7 pm to 9 pm. members are always welcome.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pub Night Change of Location and Final Details for the Euro Nymphing Workshop

Tomorrow Night, Friday, is Pub Night and we have had to change locations. Bo Diddleys has a band and a substantial cover charge so we are moving to Tiffany's Pub right at the top of the south hill! Karen, Phil, Patsy and I will be there about 7:30 pm!

I have added the details about Saturday below for the Euro Nymphing Workshop. All the tying packages for those of you who signed up have been made up and are ready to go! This is going to be a very informative workshop.

Hi Gang!

Can you please try to bring the following material along with you to the Euro Nymphing Workshop with Phil Rowley! If you are having trouble finding any of these materials, TC Outfitters will have most of these materials at the workshop for purchase or you can share materials with another fellow fly tyer!

I know TC Outfitters carries most of these materials.

UTC 70 Red
UTC 70 Shrimp Pink
UTC 140 Olive
UTC 70-Black
UTC 70-Olive
.030" Lead Wire
3X or 4X Tippet (for ribbing)
Mirage Opal Mylar-Medium
Mirage Opal Mylar-Small
Copper Wire (Fine or Small)
Gold Wire (Fine or Small)
Black Flashabou
Fine Silver Wire
Dubbing Wax

.... the rest of the materials will be supplied

The Workshop is at Mattie McCullough School which is located at 26 Lawford Avenue. The easiest way to get to Mattie McCullough School is to travel east on 32nd Street right to its end. The school is just to your right about a block down Lawford Avenue. We will get started at 9 am and finish about 4:30 pm.

If you are travelling down Highway 2, take the 32nd Street exit and head east towards Red Deer College and continue to travel all of the way up 32nd Street travelling east for about 4 km.

Remember to bring all of your tying tools because this is a hands on workshop!

We will supply snacks, coffee, water, etc.

Come early (8:30 am to set up and to have coffee with Phil!)

We will also order pizza as a group although you are welcome to bring a lunch!


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