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Monday, January 26, 2015

Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition

Saturday was perfect to spend the day at the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition. Doug, Larry and Bob took in all the displays.We talked with many of the exhibitors, watched some seminars, and of course bought some fly tying materials. As you can see from the picture above, Doug is showing off the rhea feathers he bought from the Fly Gals. These are great feathers for intruders!

The expo was well attended on Saturday. Lots of our gang made the trip south to Spruce Meadows to take in the show!

Larry and Ken had a shopping list. Of course any new shiny, sparkly item got a thorough examination.

Reid Stoyberg was spending his weekend at the Plummer's Arctic Lodges booth! You can tell that Reid loves working at Great Bear and the Tree River for Plummers.

Norm Norlander demonstrates his creation, the highly successful Norvise!

Doug is at the Trout Unlimited booth with the new CEO of Trout Unlimited Canada, 
Silvia D'Amelio!

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