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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taryn's Steelhead Trip

Taryn and her spey rod love to go steelheading. Tayrn and her friend, Rich, just got back from a trip somewhere in the Nass System in British Columbia's north west corner for the past 9 days. Taryn has become a very active member of our fly tying club and she said that the highlight of her trip was catching a steelhead on a fly she created at her vice. I bet that was a fabulous moment!

Spey casting can be a bit of a challenge and once Taryn worked out the kinks in her casting, it was game on!

The two of them were into lots of steelhead over the course of their fly fishing adventure. They were also blessed with fabulous weather. Maybe a bit too nice because the rivers were quickly rising because of run off.

The Skeena was blown out with trees bobbing down the river like corks, and you know how big those trees are!

During their adventure they also passed through a First Nations area which is also volcanic and is called Nisga's country!  There was a lava flow that made it all the way to the Nass and is 10 km long and almost 3 km wide. This is also a very unique First Nations area because the aboriginal people here can own their own land.

The drive home from the Terrace area must have been long but Taryn and Rich looked like they hit the river they fished just right!

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