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Monday, May 18, 2015

The City Section of the Red Deer River, ...Plan B

Karen and I loaded the pike gear and headed to Cow Lake to meet Troy and Steve. Unfortunately the strong south east wind turned shallow Cow Lake into a frothing mix master so we had to come up with Plan B. We did not have our trout gear along so we decided to park our pram back at our house, wader up and head down below our house to see what was going on.

There were bugs everywhere. Lots and lots of caddis and some skwalas. There was an occasional splashy rise but few fish were on the heavy caddis hatch. After catching some rocky mountain white fish, we went a bit further downstream. The only difference was that there were skwalas everywhere. We caught more rockies and saw some sporadic risers but very inconsistent. Considering the big meals that were on the water, we were surprised.

The skwalas were constantly on our clothing, hats and glasses during the latter part of the afternoon.

Lots of bugs but few risers. That was a bit disappointing but we did have a chance to go looking for some snouts. We didn't find any browns rising even though we walked almost 8 km along the city section of the Red Deer River.

Oh yes, the Tube Hatch, you know, inner tubes with people on them was sporadic and not too bothersome at all!

We were pleased to see a decent number of rockies. We are hoping they make a comeback. They used to be everywhere along the Red Deer River below the dam through to Red Deer. They certainly could save the day when the browns do not come out.

I bet somewhere below the dam some browns were gorging themselves on skwalas. We did not see any where we fished within the city. They are out there. I guess Karen and I will have to wear more felt and rubber off of our boots looking!

Caddis were everywhere today!

Lots of Skwalas on the Red Deer River today too!

If it floats, it will probably bob down the Red Deer River through the city section at some point. Usually warm weather causes a large tube hatch.

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