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Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Couple of Hours on the Red Deer River

It has been a bit since I have gotten down to the river. That in itself is a bit pathetic since I live 200 meters from the river. I have been getting organized for the annual trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba. But today is Saturday and I figured a few hours down on the river would be great therapy.  But, ... where is my gear? The garage has everything laid out for the trip across the prairies so I would have to keep it simple. The Red Deer River is up and slightly off colour after our thundershowers the last few days, no matter. I decided that my fly box would be one tiny container.  A bit disorganized but it would do!

I got out the door and down to the river. The river was quite fishable but I saw no bugs and no fish were rising. I decided to nymph in a few of my favourite haunts that are close to the house. I put on a wiggle worm and a size 16 flashback. It turned out to be a great decision.

The rocky mountain whitefish were all over both patterns. I even tangled with a couple of browns. One kicked my butt, the smaller one I landed. I did catch a pile of rockies. That made me smile!

If you look for a riffle with a bit of a drop off after the run, you will probably find some rockies, goldeye, maybe a walleye or two and if you are lucky a brown trout!

Do not forget your split shot. Two small split shot made all of the difference in the world for getting hook ups!

Well my stomach turned me home after the bite slowed. I enjoyed the wander home after stealing a few hours away from packing. My buddy Byron will probably notice that I did go fishing, even after I decided I did not have time. Sorry!

Why did I not get down to the river a few more times this week? I am blaming the job jar!

Yes, a few hours on the river was great therapy!

I apologize for the shoddy photography. It was a low priority today.

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