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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Research Reaps Rewards, ...BIG Brookies and Rainbows

Darren Petersen and his buddy Blake just got back from an amazing fishing adventure. Blake did some winter research and found a rainbow/brook trout lake that held some giants. Now Blake lives in Northern Alberta and the two guys headed off to this lake in pursuit of some trophy sized rainbows and brookies. As you can see from the pictures, the guys caught several incredible trophies. Darren did mention that this lake does not give up its trophies easily! The guys put in long days but the rewards were definitely well worth the effort! I smiled when Darren told me that John Kent's Hog Magnet saved one day when the fishing was slow but the few fish caught that day were all giants. Darren had only 1 Hog Magnet, the one we tied during an evening tying session. A big trout took his one and only Hog Magnet to the weeds and unceremoniously broke him off. Well you know what the guys did at lunch, tied up a few more.

Take a look at the impressive specimens that the guys got to hand.   When people talk about fish that look like footballs, I think they had this lake in mind!

Catching 4 to 10 pounders would make me smile! Well done guys!

All the photos are courtesy of Darren Petersen! Awesome images!

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