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Monday, January 23, 2017

Stimulators, Yellow Sally Stones and "The Chicken" with Garnet Clews

Garnet Clews was our guest instructor today. He showed 26 fly tyers 3 great dry flies that our local cutthroat trout will greedily smash. This was Garnet's first time in front of the camera with our club! Garnet showed us a slick way to tie stimulators. We used "pro wrap", a material we usually wrap an ankle of a knee with before applying sports tape. That way the tape will easily cut away after use without pulling off all of your body hair! Pro wrap is a type of stretchy foam and it is the perfect material for the body and the head of stimulators, stone flies and hoppers. You can get pro wrap at a local therapy store like Collegiate Sports Medicine (downtown in Red Deer near McBains Camera shop). Garnet also taught us how to overlap hackle to reinforce it instead of using wire. Garnet showed us his favourite caddis pattern called "The Chicken!" The Chicken is a CDC Caddis pattern. It floats low in the water and is an excellent representation of a caddis adult!

Next week Ralf Kuntezmann is our guest instructor. Bring some white or cream  8/0 thread, a red and black marker, your resin and UV light or crazy glue along!

We still have a few spots for Phil Rowley's All Day Workshop on February 4th. Drop Bob Vanderwater a note to sign up ($40). We will have pub night on February 4th. The location TBA!

Foam Stimulator

Hook: TMC 200R sizes 6-14
Thread: yellow or orange
Tail: Deer hair
Body: Pro wrap
Hackle #1: brown or furnace 
Wing: Deer hair
Head: Pro wrap
Hackle #2: Grizzly

Yellow Sally Stone

Hook: TMC 200R size14
Thread: yellow or orange
Egg Sac: Orange Pro Wrap
Body: Yellow Pro wrap
Hackle #1: grizzly 
Wing: Deer hair
Head: Pro wrap
Hackle #2: Grizzly

"The Chicken" CDC Caddis

Hook: Size 16 dry fly
Body: Ice dub (colour to suit)
Wing: CDC Tan

Pro Wrap

It was cool to see Chris' dad here all the way from Nova Scotia! His flies looked pretty decent!

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