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Monday, January 30, 2017

Thinking Outside of the Box with Ralf Kuntzemann

Ralf Kuntzemann was our guest instructor tonight. Ralf shared several neat flies that are all quite innovative and use materials that you probably did not buy at a fly shop except for the hooks and thread! Ralf's ideas allow most of flies to be "Guide's Flies." That is, flies that are quick to tie and are fish catchers! All of his flies are versatile. You can quickly change the size, colour, hook size so the fly has willing trout!

The first fly is a leech that literally takes 30 seconds to tie. Simply tie the yarn onto the hook, done. You can adjust the length of the leech with a quick trim. Ralf also uses jig hooks. A quick bead of UV resin to the hook, touch the yarn, hit your UV light and presto, the fly is complete!

Another great yarn made a nifty dragon fly imitation, while we tied a chironomid with just white thread and magic markers to create the appropriate colour. We then tied a blood worm imitation with a red hook and some 20 pound mono! The effect is awesome. Finally we tied an ant pattern by cutting off a section from a nonslip mat.

Well done Ralf! Great ideas! That was a fast two hours taking in all of those ideas. Oh yes, Ralf showed us how to fashion wine corks to make great strike indicators.

MacGyver would have been proud of you, Ralf! I know the 30 plus fly tyers came away with a lot of great ideas!

By the way, most of the yarn was bought at Michaels. Don't for get your 40% off coupon!

A few important announcements:

Our annual all day workshop with Phil Rowley is this Saturday starting at 9 am. We will have the coffee on at 8:30 am. remember to take a look at the spooled materials that you should have along.  Just look below Phil's picture on the blog for the list! Troy at TC Outfitters has most of the materials available at the shop. He is open Tuesday-Thursday in the evening!

Yes we will order pizza for lunch or you can bring your own lunch. Drinks, water and snacks will be available throughout the day! Bring a coffee cup along!

Finally we will be having PUB Night at Tiffany's this Friday night starting at 7 pm. Bob, Karen, Phil and Patsy will be there to visit! Do bring your spouse!

Yes there is a tying session next Monday! Rick Miyauchi is our guest instructor! I wonder what Rick has up his sleeve?

Ralf's Leech 

Dragon Flies

Empty Tea containers make for great storage boxes for flies!

Tying a Chironomid with just white thread and and red and black marker!

Use the Red Marker to make a red butt and then colour the thread black for the ribs and thorax!

Watch Davie McPhail tie the Glo-Bright Buzzer!

Blood Worm Imitation!

Hook: A Red Hook shaped to imitate a blood worm shape
Thread: Green or black
Body: Mono
Covering UV Resin

Hereare two videoes of tying this type of bloodworm pattern!

Floating Ant!

Hook: Size 12 dry fly hook
Body: Foam sections from a nonslip mat
Legs: Hackle

Home Made Strike Indicators (with wine bottle corks)

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