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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Gigantic Barracuda on Abacos Island

Abacos Island is a beautiful out island in Bermuda! After planning a trip to an isolated bay that required bush bashing and mud bogging (on foot) to chase bonefish, we realized that the flat had a lot of lemon sharks and barracuda. The lemon sharks are up to 5 feet long and they do not bother you! The bonefish are so nervous and wary! Well I casted at this enormous barracuda with my size 6 gotcha (about an inch long) and for some reason the barracuda ate the fly! Ok, I figured this fight was going to end badly because I have 12 pound tippet and no steel leader. Believe it or not after a 45 minute fight, the barracuda was tailed. We estimated this bad boy weighed well over 30 pounds. What a tussle, I was amazed! Karen was right there to help tail the toothy critter! It was an amazing moment! We were both shaking with excitement!

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