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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fish On Grandpa

Taking kids out fly fishing should be lots of fun! I have always believed that when fishing with kids, leave your rod at home. Its all about the kids. Make sure they have a great experience so they learn about the great outdoors. I took my grandson out to Barry Mitchell Pond that is located in Heritage Ranch! We loaded up the chariot (stroller) and fishing rod and headed for the pond! I had jogged through Heritage Ranch a few days earlier and there was lots of surface activity. I figured that SRD (Stainable Resources) had stocked the pond for the season. It took Gavin and I about 15 minuted to get there.

Once at the pond, safety first. Gavin had to sit by grandpa or stand. Gavin just wanted to catch fish so I rigged two flies; a size 16 and a size 14 flashback below one of those 5 cent bobbers. My grandson is only 3 but he understands casting. I helped him with the casts but after that, it was up to him.  Gavin's stike indicator, I mean bobber, dipped below the surface of the water constantly. He had a great time reeling in his prizes. he loved it!

We quit after 2 hours (I was surprised the fishing last so long) and headed back for a popsicle or two. Great fun and we are already planning for a return visit!

I saw another Dad there with his two boys. His boys were having a blast thanks to Dad doing it up right!

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