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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Fly Fishing Trip of a Life Time to the Arctic- 4 Amazing Hours of Lake Trout Fishing on Day 4

Once we got back to Plummer's Arctic Lodge from Klugluktuk, we quickly unloaded knowing we had 4 hours of lake trout fly fishing before supper!

We all quickly changed gears after our smokey flight back to the lodge. Karen and I did see our first tundra grizzly bear sprinting across the tundra as well as many tundra swans as we headed back to Plummer's main camp on Great Bear Lake.

When we got to the dock, our guide, Lars, asked us what we wanted to do. We said that we wanted to catch a butterfly lake trout, a redfin and perhaps tangle with a larger great grey. Who knew it would all happen in the short space of 4 hours. We headed back to the Narkay Islands that are only 7 miles from the lodge!

Lars took us to a point that had butterfly lakers hanging out a few days earlier and Karen caught a beauty almost immediately We continued to catch some average sized lakers until we saw several lakers feeding on the surface off a point.  We went over these fish and Karen hooked up with a 27 maybe 28 pound laker. It was quite a fight but Karen got it in. Lars was quite excited to see my 110 pound wife successfully land this larger great grey on a fly rod! 

I got into several nice lakers and eventually Karen caught a redfin followed by another sizeable 23 pound great grey.

At the same time, Rick caught a monster great grey that topped out at over 25 pounds. We all had a lot to talk about once we got back to the dock!

I got into several nice lakers but nothing like the giants Karen tangled with.

This is how Karen fought a 22 pound great grey laker!

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