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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fly Fishing Trip of a Life Time to the Arctic- Second Last Day

The last two days at Plummer's Lodge were spent fly fishing on Great Bear Lake. The Tree River was behind us as was our fly out to the Sulky River! We hoped to catch a big laker to end off the trip. The guides had a plan but the monster we were hoping for did not materialize. The weather also seemed  to be changing. The water temperature seemed a bit high although acceptable. The lake trout were not aggressive the last two days! No matter, being out on the water was delightful!

We were hoping to see the lake trout start to move into shallow areas in preparation for spawning. That never happened. It was not time yet. The guides said this was unusually late!

We caught several 15 pounders and I caught a bigger great grey while fly fishing around the Falcon Islands that was 20 pounds. That was a lot of fun!

Seeing peregrine falcons around the Falcon Islands was quite interesting. They are the fastest bird in the world.

The time honoured tradition of shore lunch was fantastic. Reid and his guides did a great job preparing succulent lake trout for lunch. Absolutely delicious!

The days seem to be going way too fast. That means we are having a great time!

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