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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Ice Off in Central Alberta, ...FINALLY

Finally the wintery shell that has covered our lakes and pot holes for the long winter is melting! The flies we have tied over the winter months are stored in the fly boxes as we anxiously prepare all of our gear for the new fly fishing season! Many of us have new gear and we want to put the gear to good use!

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It was nice to find open water in Central Alberta that also had hungry well conditioned trout that survived the winter quite nicely! My buddies Colin and Murray and my wife Karen, wanted to go exploring , so we threw the gear in with the anticipation of another fun filled season!

We found open water that had rainbows! The water temperature was cold, after all it was just after ice off but fortunately we found some hungry trout. We even found some larger rainbows that were fat,  thanks to the incredible supply of forage in the lake. Our best fly was Glen's Leech, size 12 (black). It is a good fly to try right after ice off!

Dust off the gear everybody, get a current fly fishing license and enjoy the lakes we have in Central Alberta. Not all lakes are totally ice free but most are partially ice free or close to shedding their icy cover.

Many of our pot hole lakes will be stocked in the next few days!

be sure to review the updated regulations!


Images are all from this past week!

Glen's Leech, a great early season fly!

Murray with a nice rainbow!

Forage fish!

Can you see the forage fish under the strike indicator!

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