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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Winter Kill at Dickson! What a Relief! Honestly!

It is not a pretty sight and your sense of smell will tell you that something is decomposing. Yes, it is a major fish kill at Dickson Trout Pond. Ordinarily, winter kill is a bad thing but this time, it is a blessing in disguise. The biomass of fish in Dickson Trout Pond has been dominated by suckers. A lot of suckers, 1000s of them. This harsh winter killed off most of the suckers but not all of them. A few die hards did make it through the long winter.

My neighbour, Colin, our friend Murray and I spent a few hours at Dickson fly fishing. If you can get past the bad smell of decomposition and the sight of 1000s of dead suckers, the fly fishing is pretty good! You will be limited to catching "stockies" but they are willing and plentiful. The water is turbid but a size 12 Glen's Leech fished close to shore just 18 inches to 2 feet under a strike indicator kept us busy!

The pelicans, osprey and eagles are having a great time. The food in the lake will allow the rainbows to grow until the sucker population again dominates the biomass in the lake. Unfortunately, Dickson is over stocked with rainbows. It would be nice to see the stocking match the available food in the pond.

I hope the decomposition happens fast and then the smell will settle allowing a more enjoyable fishing experience. ...but in the sort term bring a clothes pin for your nose!

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