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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Ice Minnow and Candy Corn Balanced Flies

Another snowy cold early October morning. Burr! Did you get your snow tires on yet? I guess it is the law to have snow tires on if you travel in BC after October 1st.

I have been asked about how to tie the Candy Corn Fly designed by Dave Green and my version of Bob Morenski's Ice Minnow which I like to tie as a Balanced Ruby-Eyed Ice Minnow. Of course these are my version of the originals although the concept and original design comes from Dave and Bob respectively!

I have used both flies for trout and walleye. Great flies. I do believe that both flies have a trigger. In the case of the Candy Corn, the fire orange Ice Dub and for the Ice Minnow, the ruby eye!

I have been using the Pro Tyer jig hooks, tungsten beads and brill that you can order from The Canadian Llama Company

Give them a try!

Candy Corn, Balanced -Dave Green Originator

Hook: Pro Tyer Jig Hook size 10
Bead: Gold: 1/8th or 5/32nd, tungsten
Thread: UTC Hot Orange 8/0
Sequin Pin
Tail: Olive Rabbit
Body#1: Orange Ice Dub
Body#2: Hot orange Ice Dub

Balanced Ruby Eyed Ice Minnow-Bob Morenki Originator

Hook: Pro Tyer Jig Hook size 10
Conehead: Silver or Gold, tungsten, 5/32nd
Sequin Pin
Thread: UTC Red, 8/0
Tail: Marabou, black white or green
Body: Brill, silver or pearl; small (5 mm) comined with matching small chenille made into a rope (twisted)
Bead: Glass, red

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