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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Euro Nymphing

I finally got the opportunity to euro nymph with my 11 foot Shadow II 4 weight made by Echo that Troy at TC Outfitters ordered in for me. After taking the euro nymphing course this past winter, I wanted to take the flies that we tied and the slinky indicators that we all made and give it a go!

What an effective technique to say the least. The heavily weighted flies and the ultra sensitive "slinky" system makes for some very effective fly fishing. I watched Phil Rowley euro nymph a run that had already given up 20 fish and he continued to catch the next dozen quickly with precision !

Karen and I set up our rod and had a blast. As a matter of fact, I had to wrestle with Karen to get my rod back.

Getting used to the wrist snap (set) at the end of the drift and then flick the line upstream takes some practice but it helps with the next cast.

You can use your regular rod with a slinky indicator although the longer rod allows for better drifts and covering more water.

I might never use an indicator on moving water again.

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