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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Prairie Creek Project Needs Our Help!

This project will happen on Saturday September 12th!

Lets get behind this project gang!

Contact Elliot if you can help!

D/ 403-209-5184   F/ 403-221-8368  

Trout Unlimited Canada is working on a restoration project on Prairie Creek. Part of the project involves the harvest of live willow cuttings that will be used a brush layers Elliot Lindsay, a biologist with Trout Unlimited Canda is working on coordinating a volunteer workday to harvest the live cuttings (approx. 700). The TUC Central Alberta chapter co-owns with the Alberta Conservation Association a conservation property along Stauffer Creek known as Stainbrook Springs. This site came to mind as a potential willow harvest site and Lesley (also a TU biologist) mentioned to me that it has been used previously for this purpose. A site closer to the actual project area might provide a donor stock which is better adapted to local conditions, perhaps on a property owned by Husky. 

The idea is to conduct a volunteer workday with about a dozen or so volunteers from Husky, the TUC Central Alberta Chapter along with our Central Alberta Fly Tying Club to harvest and gather these willows and transport them to the project area to be soaked. 

 The volunteer workday will be an all-day event, we could meet up in the morning at the harvest site or a meeting area nearby and spend the morning and early afternoon cutting and bundling willows, then in the later afternoon transport the cuttings to the site and store them in the pool or a nearby side channel. If we can’t find a good spot for soaking, we can always use tubs.

The final details will be sent to everybody just before the project day!


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