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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Father and Daughter Time at a Special Place in the Mountains

Darren Petersen and his daughter, Thalia, recently hiked into one of their favourite pools in the mountains.  Darren and his daughter visit this spot once a year and the dippers and little cutties are always there to greet them.  The scenery is spectacular and the water is brisk.Thalia hooked a cutthroat on dry fly and a bull trout even smashed Darren's stimulator!

Darren enjoys bird watching and he was not disappointed when he saw the crossbills, kingfishers, dippers, migrating sandpipers, and a sharp-shinned hawk hunting warblers along the stream bank.

Darren also loves photography. The crystal clear water allowed him to get some images of baby cutthroat fry in a crystal clear side channel with black edging on their dorsals!

Having lunch alongside this special piece of water surely was special, especially when Darren pulled out the squashed Eatmore chocolate bar that looked more like something a coyote left behind instead of a snack. Darren and Thalia even drank water from this special place right out of the river with a lifestraw filter.

A pretty good Father Daughter Day and an awesome annual tradition!!!

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