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Monday, January 11, 2016

Flies For Toothy Critters with Steve Luethi

Steve Luethi was our guest presenter tonight. Steve taught 25 keen fly tyers how to construct two excellent pike flies. Steve loves to cast 8 to 10 inch articulated streamers for pike. Steve has had a great deal of success with large flies that appear bulky but in fact are are quite castable with a pike or musky fly line.

The first fly Steve showed us was called the called the Crystal Popper. Pike love these flies because of the disturbance on the water. The second fly was called the Delivery Man. It is a rather large articulated fly but as you can see from the pike Steve has caught with this fly, the pike cannot resist these large bait fish impostors.

Next week, we will be tying chironomids. Be sure to have red 8/0 thread along as well as a light olive thread (water olive UTC 8/0 or UTC yellow olive 8/0) although you will be fine with olive 8/0 thread!

We now have 6 spots left for the Phil Rowley Workshop on Saturday January 30th. Drop Bob a note to sign up!

Delivery Man

Thread: 3/0 or Gel Spun, colour to suit
Hook: 3/0 and 4/0 hook (mustad 34007)
Back Section: Strung hackle, buck tail, flashabou and big fly fur
Connection: 3 beads, 40 pound test line or Power Pro, 50 pound
Front Section: Strung hackle, buck tail, flashabou, big fly fur and craft fur

Crystal Popper

Thread: 3/0 or Gel Spun Thread, colour to suit
Hook: Popper hook
Body: Popper body (preformed)
Popper Covering: Mylar tubing
Tail: Flashabou and Schlappen 


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