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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Stillwater Fly Tying Seminar with Phil Rowley


I always looks forward to our all day fly tying seminar and today was no exception. Phil Rowley spent the the day teaching 28 keen students many aspects of stillwater fly fishing. Today was a hands on workshop that included tying chironomids, damsels, dragons, leeches and some attractor fly patterns that will add to all of our fly boxes. Phil challenged all of us with a few patterns that included spinning deer hair, tying an articulated fly that included 4 sections while also introducing a new balanced minnow pattern that has already shown its effectiveness while field tested in the fall! We also spent time learning strategies to approaching a new lake.

Every time Phil makes a stop in Red Deer, we all become better fly tyers. Learning new techniques and patterns make fly tying such a neat hobby that adds extra enjoyment out on the river.

Thanks Phil for keeping us on your calendar. You are an exceptional instructor!

Take a look right here to view Phil's You Tube Channel!

It was awesome to see an excellent turn out for pub night. It was good to meet many spouses and have lots of laughs with the gang!

Yes, we do have fly tying session on Monday. Rick Miyauchi is our guest tyer. Rick says that he is going to surprise us. It should be lots of fun!

Silvia putting the final touches on her gomphus fly!

I know that the "young guns" will be fishing their "Game Changers" right away!

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